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How To Choose A Fair And Legit Online Casino

Online Gambling has grown tremendously over the past few years and so are the threats related to online gambling. It is definite that the online Gambling market has genuine players, but it has also been house to few fraudsters. So it is vital for a person to check, analyze and choose a fair and legit online gambling site or casino. But how to do this analyzing part in an effective manner and the answer to this is quite unclear to many of them.The online gambling arena has become an easy target to miscreants to commit many fraud activities. Few of the online gambling sites commit a lot of unethical and unfair practices and cheat their customers to the worst extent possible. Some of the common types of frauds they commit include But there are a very many genuine online gambling sites as well. Just like a coin has two sides, so does this industry has both good and bad and it is in the hands of the player to wisely choose a legit gambling site.

Attaching hidden terms and conditions, which are usually left, unnoticed by the customer while signing up Not providing timely assistance and support to their customers at the time of requirement Delaying the payment process and sometimes reject to pay Cancelling the player’s wins

5 points to be pondered

There are basically five important safeguards activities that have to be performed, which will enable you to choose a legit and secure online gambling site.


The first thing which ahs to watched for is your tool bar. This will clearly show you if your data that is going to be entered on the site is going to be properly encrypted or not. The https in front of your website name like it specifies that your site is SSL certified and all the data are encrypted to unbreakable codes. Most of the casinos use a 128 / 256 bit encryption

Privacy and Terms & Conditions

Most of us consider reading the terms and conditions section while signing up an unnecessary task that is going to eat away your time. But the truth is the time spend to read and understand the, is worth spending and will definitely enlighten you about the various hidden conditions attached. The privacy and confidentiality of the data you share on the site is very important and you will have to sign any documents only after thorough scrutiny and only after ensuring that your information is at safe hands. So take your time and read out the entire terms and conditions section and you will understand how important is that.

Licenses and Recognitions

Casino Algorithms

Most casino games use the random number generator and one has to see that the algorithms behind this are legit. This is the algorithm, which actually allows the system to pick a random number in certain games. When these algorithms are hacked anyone could decide the random number that is going to be generated. In order to safeguard from this threat, there are a lot of testing mechanisms that ensure that these algorithms and seed numbers are secured. Some of the companies solely specialize in testing the technology behind gaming sites and they check everything from So it is wise to check whether the gaming site you chose is tested by such companies and certified

Game and the related mathematical algorithm

Random Number Generator assessments

Game Payout verification

Entire Security system audit So it is wise to check whether the gaming site you chose is tested by such companies and certified.

Sportsbetting and exchange betting evaluation

Audit checks on poker games

Penetration testing